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Wholesale orthopedic bracing

At Idaho Sports Bracing we will solve your bracing needs by offering you the finest orthopedic bracing in the industry. Our goal is to serve you in the best way possible, offering great bracing and supports at great prices with 100% customer satisfaction.


The Cryo Pneumatic Knee Splint is indicated for post-op immobilization and as part of a physical therapy or athletic training program; helps diminish swelling/edema, reduce muscle spasms and decrease pain.



SmartSling® Versatile 3-in-1 design allows for abduction, external rotation and/or immobilization. Breathable mesh base with contoured neck pad and re-positionable thumb loop improves patient compliance. Abduction arm pillow is contoured to torso to distribute weight and decreases pressure on ulnar nerve. 


ASO Ankle Orthosis

The MED SPEC ASO Ankle Stabilizer is indicated for moderate / severe inversion/eversion sprains, high ankle sprains, and subtalar joint instability.


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