Gripper Hinged Knee
Gripper Hinged Knee

Gripper Hinged Knee

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Aids in the treatment of medial collateral and lateral collateral sprains. Can also be used post-operatively or during sports to provide medial and lateral stability and to protect against hyperextension of the knee.

Features & Benefits:

- Internal skinloc patch: works in concert to grip the proximal end of the calf muscle and inhibits the brace from migrating distally
- Outer closure straps: straps are made of quality woven elastic and woven nylon material that allows for numerous applications without fraying or losing closure strength
- Metal hinge pockets: reinforced on interior with ballistic nylon material to protect stitching from metal hinge and improve durability
- Open popliteal: minimizes material bunching during flexion to improve comfort
- Bilateral design: fits either right or left knee
- Posterior belt loops: maintains outer closure straps in their proper position during wear and allows for ease of application
- US manufacturing: higher quality control standards